Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Home Anthology -- Get A Cool Kitchen Gift (Or Buy Chairs Like We've Done Long Past Reason)

Do you need a gift for a modern cook? (Or a molded plywood chair?)
Home Anthology in Catonsville is one of the coolest places that you'll ever find -- if you're into used stuff with a sense of style.

Just off the main drag in Catonsville, Home Anthology is a spot to buy furniture that runs from mid-century modern through 1970s Scandinavian.  Owned by a couple.  Open only Saturdays and Sundays.  This is a place to look around for iconic chairs, vintage sofas, and sleek-lined tables or storage pieces.

Over the past year or so, Rob and Nini have expanded into housewares -- cups, pots, fondue sets, tea kettles and other items that will be charming if you're into modern design and nostalgic if you grew up in a 1970s kitchen.  They're great for your kitchen or as a unique gift for someone else.

Like all of Home Anthology's stock, the housewares are used but good condition.  Rob and Nini will tell you what they know about the items.  They'll point out the history and any wear, and they'll show you how to care for it.  They charge fair prices aimed at folks who want to use this stuff -- not ridiculous price aimed at collectors.

Housewares give me a HowChow angle, but I actually recommend Home Anthology as a weekend adventure for anyone who likes modern furniture.  Beds.  Desks.  Dining room pieces right out of Scan circa 1972.  And, of course, chairs.  Chairs made of plywood, molded plastic, cantilevered metal, or the imagination of Charles and Ray Eames.  Just click on their "sold" section to sample cool stuff that got away -- and that might come back another weekend.

As I write this, I'm sitting in a desk chair at we bought there.  There is a green leather rocker behind me that we rushed up to get one Saturday.  Over years, Mrs. HowChow and I have slowly outfitted our house with chairs -- a few slightly chipped, one almost pristine, and mostly just chairs that look like they've been used for years.  (It's more chairs that you'd ever think reasonable.)

Checking Home Anthology's Web page for new arrivals has become late-week fun for us.  Sometimes we stop in Catonsville to nose around.  Sometimes, we're standing outside before the doors open because we've decided to splurge on something beautiful.  Talk to Rob and Nini.  They're friendly, knowledgable, and approachable.  You can truly find something unique, and you'll have fun while you're there.

Home Anthology
91 Mellor Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228
Open 12-5 on Saturdays and Sundays

NEAR:  Home Anthology is in a commercial building a few blocks south of Frederick Road.  There are three ways to get to Catonsville.  Use a map to find your best way -- and pick something cool to eat along the way.  First, you can take I-95 to I-695 and then go west on Frederick Road into Catonsville.   Second, you can go through Main Street in Ellicott City and then up Frederick Road.  Third, you can go east on Rte 40 and use Rolling Road to connect to Frederick Road.


Unknown said...

I love this store! We recently purchased dining room chairs from them as well as a beautiful dresser and wardrobe. When I need furniture this is the first place I check out. Thanks for getting out the word!

Balancing Act said...

Bought 2 incredible antique school maps from this store, way back when they used to be in Oella! Awesome place!

Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

This place looks amazing! Thanks for writing about it!