Monday, June 4, 2012

The Breadery -- Across The Border And Worth It

Sourdough from The Breadery
For someone who eats all kinds of food, I'm remarkably catholic about my views on bread.

Crust.   I like crisp crust and a mild crumb.  I range from baguettes to sourdough to rolls to Italian loaves, but I don't go for sweet breads or soft, multigrain loaves.

Grilled cheese on Breadery sourdough
That's why the new Breadery seems to great to me, even if it is a little farther away.  The Breadery used to be on Rte 40 in Ellicott City, and it moved last year to Oella (or Catonsville as it likes to say). With the new location, they're baking new breads.

They're still making the whole grain and sweet loaves from the old location.  Cheddar parmesan, cinnamon raisin walnut, whole wheat.   They mill their own flour at The Breadery, and those loaves look great if you're into that kind of thing.  But they have a new kind of oven as well, and it turns out my kind of crisp-crust loaves.  Baguettes, Italian, sourdough.

Kloby's pork and Breadery's rolls
I bought a sourdough on Sunday morning and had a perfect grilled cheese by mid-day.  Great crust.  Airy interior with light but real flavor.  With a little butter and some good cheddar, we had a delicious lunch.

I bought a dozen rolls as well, and we broke those out for dinner at the pool with Kloby's pulled pork.  Eight of us split three pounds of meat on sliders.  My friend dipped one half of each roll in the Carolina sauce and the other half in honey-habanero.  Spectacular.

The Breadery sells a little more than bread.  They had coffee, some jams and other packaged goods.  They also sell Michelle's granola, which is one of our local favorites.  They had a sign in the window for a liquor license, so I assume they're going to try to create a scene up there.  They had a few outdoor tables, and it's a pretty spot with shady trees.

Hat tip for sending me to the new Breadery goes to Bmorecupcake who left a comment talking about the new types of bread that they were making.  Bmore says they're making croissants, which sound interesting.  Bmore also said that local restaurants like Aida's are using the Breadery loaves.

If you go to Breadery on Tuesday to Saturday, you need to drive around the corner to J.W. Trueth & Sons.  The Oella meat market butchers its own beef, and you can get all kinds of great steak, sausages, even fish and chicken.  In 15 minutes, you can pick up a special dinner with a steak and bread.  Grab a vegetable somewhere, and you're done.

The Breadery
418 Oella Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228

NEAR: The Breadery is really easy to reach from Main Street in Ellicott City.  Oella and Catonsville are right across the river in Baltimore County.  You wind up picturesque Westchester Avenue and end up a few doors down from The Breadery.


Marcia said...

They are bringing some of this "new" bread to the HoCo Farmer's Market at the Miller library on Weds. We tried a baguette. Perfect!

If you go to the Breadery, don't forget to check out the pretty walking path along the old trolley trail. Really nice.

AliceBlue said...

Love this place! Fantastic breads, and their sticky buns are amazing. They have a cinnamon bread that makes fantastic french toast. The Zeke's coffee is nice too. Always friendly service.

Jody said...

We love walking the Old Trolley Trail---park in the parking lot next to the Trolley Stop and take the steps from the parking lot up to the trail. It's great and usually not too crowded. You walk right by the Breadery. We usually stop for coffee and pastries at French Market, but I will try the Breadery next time. I had no idea they had sticky buns or Zeke's coffee!!

Also regarding Kloby's....we had them cater a party last weekend. Pulled pork, BBQ chicken, potato salad, coleslaw and beans for 30 people. It was wonderful! Everyone raved about the food, especially the pulled pork and potato salad. Only thing to note was they gave us way too much food, especially the side dishes. Next time I will order meats by the pound and sides by the quart. It was probably too much because we had other sides and appetizers at our party so keep that in mind.

Katherine said...

Since the Breadery moved, I do not get there as often, unfortunately. My daughter loves the Garden Herb sandwich bread; it is pleasantly dill-heavy and smells wonderful. We love having tomato and provolone sandwiches with it. The ciabatta is fantastic for it's crustiness; it's a great soup accompaniment.

bmorecupcake said...

Yes, that trail is loads of fun. We walk it every week without fail. Jody, maybe I can convince you to switch from Little French Market to The Breadery as your carb refill. I'm not a huge Zeke's fan, so if you like the Orinoco at French Market, I can understand. However, French Market doesn't actually bake anything. The get most of their items delivered from Bonaparte, supposedly everyday, but I've had some items there that were definitely not made the same day I purchased them. The sticky buns at The Breadery can be excellent if you go early. Later in the day, as with all natural sticky buns, the sticky buns can get quite hard.

Marcia said...

If Oella is too far for you to travel, The Breadery comes to many of the Howard County farmer's markets. Check the farmer's market website and look at the vendors. I know they go on Weds. afternoons to the one at the Miller Branch library. They are bringing some of the croissants and baguettes, as well as their old standby favorites.

Bobo said...

Walked up the trolley trail at lunch today. Cinnamon loaf was delicious but the selection of items was modest. They advised better selection of breads are to be had on the busier days toward the weekend.