Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot At Man Cave Off Main Street

Hot sauce selection at the Man Cave
If you're window-shopping in Ellicott City, you should get a taste of Man Cave on Old Columbia Pike.

But not too big a taste because the cave is stock with some serious hot sauce.

Man Cave is a shop a block off Main Street run by the guys who also run the Hackers Ink computer services company.  It's a mixed shop aimed at the boys.  Comic books.  An Atari 2600 hot-rodded to play on a flat screen television.  And hot sauces.

Dozens of hot sauces.   Jalapeno and cayenne, cayenne and ghost peppers.  It's a fun mix that runs from just crazy hot to unique takes that include bourbon, Old Bay style seasoning, etc.  You can taste a few, although you might want to bring a few crackers because a few squirts of raw spice was enough for me.

Man Cave also sells some barbecue sauces, but I'd really recommend it for someone who loves spicy.  Fun for the heat-head to explore.  Great if you wanted to buy some unique gifts.  Is it too early to think stocking stuffers?

If I'm right, the Man Cave used to be a little farther up Main Street on Merryman Street where Wordbones wrote about them last summer.  At the time of that post, the Man Cave was selling takeaway food cooked at Tersiguel's.   I didn't see a menu at the new location.   

At the Man Cave's former location, it looks like someone is renovating to open a new restaurant.  The sign advertises Matcha Time Cafe, a Japanese cafe and shop.  Anyone know the story there?

Man Cave
3715 Old Columbia Pike 
Ellicott City, MD 21044

NEAR:  Man Cave is a block off Main Street on Old Columbia Pike.  It's in sight of the traffic light on Main Street at Pure Wine Cafe.


Gabrielle said...

I haven't been to that store yet, but I love being able to taste hot sauces before buying them. I love to find the balance between some heat and lots of flavor. It would be good if they had a basket of some plain tortilla chips to squirt the hot sauce on. Do they have the hot sauces rated according to their heat?

HowICook said...

I particularly like EagleWingZ Cheasapeake Style Hot Sauce in the summer. It has a perfect ratio of heat to old bay flavor and a nice consistency. I didnt see it in the photo but I hope they carry it.

HowICook said...

I forgot to mention that it's mustard based too.

bmorecupcake said...

They don't carry every hot sauce in the store, but they can likely order it for you.

Brad Smith said...

I walked past this between getting my haircut at Envy and getting my coffee fix at Bean Hollow, and really wanted to stop, but figured I would another time. I've hit some really nice salsa/hot sauce stores in my day, the best probably being in Austin, TX, and Monterey, CA, but from the street this looked like a really nice place. Looking forward to trying it, and hope to see what others think of it as well.