Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Popsicle Molds At River Hill And Sweet Elizabeth Jane -- Rockets, Twin Pops, Jewels And Bugs

Popsicles at Sweet Elizabeth Jane
The heat is coming back, and you can fight back with your own popsicles.

Bug pops at River Hill
I'm still a fan of the the Zoku popsicle machine, but you can find all kinds of unusual popsicle sets at home stores around the county.  The molds are fun.  Many are funny.  You freeze some juice, and you can pop them out to cool down.

In Ellicott City, I found a display at Sweet Elizabeth Jane on Main Street.  Rocket pops.  Twin pops.  Big pops.  Little pops.  They even had some tiny molds that make desserts that look like oversized jewels.

In Clarksville, River Hill Garden Center sells very appropriate molds.  They're bugs.  You freeze your favorite flavor in the shape of a beetle or a caterpillar.  (I think it's a caterpillar.)  That's perfect to eat out in your own garden.

Both Sweet Elizabeth Jane and River Hill have interesting houseware sections.  Sweet Elizabeth has a mix of modern stuff, and it's worth checking out along with Su Casa farther up the hill.  Plus they sell taffy.  


Annie Rie said...

I got my Popsicle molds at Casual Gourmet last year. In Glenwood.

They are the star shaped molds. My favorite recipes for them came from an old Gourmet mag.

Peaches and cream with a hit of peach liqueur in them. Strawberry margarita flavor. Adult beverage Popsicles. Who knew?

I have to break out the molds and find those recipes.

Eric said...

We saw some molds on sale at "The Nest" (next to Great Sage).

K8teebug said...

I bought those molds for my friends' kid for his birthday! The star shaped molds have astronauts for sticks!