Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cooks 'N Cakes Bakery To Open In October In The Space On Rte 40 Given Up By The Breadery

The new Cooks 'n Cakes Bakery will open in Ellicott City at the end October in the Rte 40 space emptied out by the Breadery, according to a comment on a prior post.

It's an anonymous post, but it's signed by "Adell & Bill" and says that they signed a lease on Rte 40.  It's sad enough that I write a food blog.  I'm going to assume there isn't anyone sad enough to write fake comments on a food blog about bakery leases.

Cooks 'n Cakes is a bakery being opened by some former DC school principals -- with talk about cupcakes and that kind of stuff.  The Breadery is a bread bakery with an emphasis on wholesome stuff, which moved  to Catonsville.

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