Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Link: Buying Half A Cow On Kitchen Scribble

The Wagon Wheel Ranch will sell you half a cow -- butchered and packed into managable-sized vacuum bags, and the Kitchen Scribble blog has the report and photos of a table filled with roasts and steaks.

I don't eat enough meat to justify this type of local eating, but kat bought a half cow and split it with another couple.   If you want more about Wagon Wheel, check out my prior post where Penny described her experience, including smaller orders like a "Taste of the Farm" with chicken, lamb and beef.

While you're checking out kat's site, you should read her weekly report about the Breezy Willow CSA.   Kitchen Scribble and the Sarah Says blog have both created weekly posts that should be invaluable if you're wondering if you should sign up for a CSA next year.

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kat said...

Thanks for the link! I get a lot of questions about the half a cow - price per pound, amount of meat, etc - so I figured that documenting the process would be helpful.

It is definitely a lot of meat and not to be attempted by anyone without a spare freezer (or a love of beef). The 1/4 cow lasts us about a year.