Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Caramel Corn at Kolache Kreations

Caramel corn can be as simple as Cracker Jacks, but you could pick up a Technicolor sweet at Kolache Kreations in Ellicott City.

It's high-end caramel corn.  That means no peanuts.  Just crisp popcorn and a buttery, sweet coating.  It's $5, so it's not cheap.  But it's special.  The basic caramel was buttery and sweet.  Then, there are child-friendly versions with fruit flavors and even a mixed bag that looks like colored toys.


Treetop Tom said...

I stopped into Kolache Kreations yesterday to get a cinnamon roll for my lunch dessert and saw that they now make sandwiches at lunchtime. I had a Salami & Provalone hoagie on a freshly baked roll with mayo and pickle relish that was delicious and at $4.99 put Subway's $5 footlong to shame. Also saw a pecan pie that looked good, but my tastebuds were set on their cinnamon roll. This place is a gem as are the people who work there.

anita b. said...

those colors look ridonk. i'm trying to eat healthier so artificial coloring like that scares me. i'm sure it's delicious.
just curious are there any stores in HoCo that sell Macarons, not the coconut kind but the parisian kind?

MarkM said...

This place is pretty good and fairly authentic. The owner is from Texas, where they pronounce Kolache "wrong", as "ko lash ees". My wife's family is 100% Czech and they have made these forever. So I got the instruction on the pronunciation many years ago. The letter K in Czech is pronounced like a hard G. Kolache is pronounced "Go lotch kee". At any rate, these folks do a pretty good job with the tasty treats.

Anonymous said...

You got it confused, but do not worry Czech is a very difficult language. You said:
Kolache is pronounced "Go lotch kee".

Kolacky would be pronounced "Go lotch kee"
as an endearing name for Kolache :)

In my opinion "ko lash ees" is pretty close pronunciation except for the s at the end.
I was at the store once and some body bought all their Kolache except of one. I got the last one and it was not very authentic even thought it was tasty.
Other than that we got a good crumble cake and brownies. I have to stop there again to check on the Kolache.
...did I mention that I am from Czech :)