Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love The Past: Check Out Years Of Food, Frozen On HowChow And Ready For You To Enjoy

The coolest drink in Howard County
Did you wake up this morning wondering where to get the best basil seed soft drink?

That's right -- a fruit soda that tastes refreshing and sweet, but looks like someone point a quarter cup of tiny eyeballs into the bottle.  Delicious with the flavor of honey and a hint of banana.  Perfect to amuse a kid or a foodie in your house.

The answer is DeDe basil seed soda at one of the Asian markets or Columbia Halal Meat.

Honey sticks at Larriland
There are four years of HowChow for anyone to explore.  Search the archives with the Google bar in the right column.  Or click on the tags farther below to read all the prior posts that mentioned a market or restaurant.

Wonder if I have tried the Cuban sandwich at Cuba de Ayer?  Yes.  Wonder if I wrote about Larriland Farm's pick-your-own?  Yes.  Wonder if I have any thoughts on fried chicken?  Yes -- just type that in the Google box for a list of posts.

(An aside:  When you go to Larriland, check out the sweets at the cash register in the barn.  We always get dried fruit candy.  We also like the flavored honey sticks.  Those aren't all-natural colors, but they're a small treat for the ride home -- or even to drop in a packed lunch.)

I try to link back on every post so that you could click through related ideas from the past.  I am experimenting with a widget that links to four random posts right below the advertisements.  But the easiest reads may be the "Cuisine" links:  one-click entry to all the posts about pizza or barbecue and meats. or whatever interests you.  Jump around.  Eat well.

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