Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Link: Local Jelly Company Started In Flea Market

A Fulton woman and her daughter have created a jelly company -- starting with a family recipe for sweet pepper jelly, reports Sarah Hogue in Explore Howard.

The Pepper Jelly Heaven company started selling at an Ellicott City flea market, expanded into David's Natural Market in Columbia and now sell in four states.  Check out Sarah's story about Suzanne Glover O'Melia and Bailey Glover Johnson.


Annie Rie said...

I buy her jellies at Casual Gourmet in Glenwood. Have a jar of Purgaatory in the fridge right now. They are great on soft cheeses like chèvre.

Their little three jar gift set is a great Christmas present for people who love good hot stuff.

I think I even have them listed on my local resource page. Good to see them getting bigger press, and also winning a competition.

Unknown said...

I was just googling my company and saw your post. I know it's been a while but thanks for your kind words :)