Monday, July 30, 2012

Crabs And Peaches - The Summer's Best Stuff With Short Drives Around Howard County

Crabs from Frank's Seafood

Summer makes for big food, and you can make short drives to get the best stuff.

The '34 Act Gourmet bought crabs to celebrate his birthday, and Frank's Seafood in Jessup steamed a spectacular bushel and a half.  I ate far more than my share.  Most people are such amateurs.  They knock off after two or three crabs.  The pros power through.

Peaches at Gorman
Frank's crabs were heavy and sweet.  Their spice mixture had flavor without being too salty.  I was super-impressed.

To continue on the summer flavors, drive down to Gorman Produce Farm in Laurel for peaches, basil, and vegetables.  Gorman farms most of the produce, and they sell boxes of tomatoes, herbs, onions, potatoes, beets, and more.  They also bring in peaches from Baugher Farm -- along with the first summer apples and other fruit.

WKitchen's summer cocktail
Gorman is a short drive from Columbia -- just east of Rte 29 on Gorman Road.  Like Frank's crabs, the Gorman produce is special and fresh.  You won't get these flavors from your mid-winter fruit.  I'm especially waiting until the tomatoes really arrive and Gorman sells crates of "seconds" to turn into sauce.

What other specialties of summer do you suggest? Any special shopping?  Special dishes at local restaurants?

It's a farther drive, but we went to Woodberry Kitchen that has the most-amazing summer items -- a like peach desserts and a warm cherry tomato salad with pancetta and rocket. But my absolute favorite was a non-alcoholic cocktail made from watermelon, cucumber juice, hot sauce, and sour mix. It alternatively sounds crazy and simple, but it tastes complex and delicious. I need to start experimenting with cocktails made with the blueberries that I preserved with wine.


K8teebug said...

Bon chon soft opening today! If I wasn't in new Orleans, I would be there!

bmorecupcake said...

In case others make a trip there like we did, I found the stand at Gorman more expensive than most farmers market vendors. Knowing this ahead of time might make your visit more enjoyable. I thought by driving there it would be a little more affordable as left a bit soured I guess. Their corn was totally worth it, though. It's not easy to find corn that is picked the same day you purchase it.

HoComom said...

You guys are right on! Needed crabs this weekend for guests and ordered a bushel from Franks. Sweet, sweet crabs. Really nicely spiced. Only slight complaint is I thought they'd be a little bigger for #1 males, but they were great.

Same with the Gorman Farm peaches. I have just one left. Really sweet - I think they came from Braughers in Westminster.

Keep up the good work with the local recommendations.