Saturday, July 14, 2012

Macarons Getting Even Better At Linda's Bakery

Strawberry macarons from Linda's Bakery
Macarons are a trick to pull off, and Linda's Bakery in Columbia just keeps getting better at pulling rabbits out of the hat.

I have written about these French pastries before -- basically sandwich cookies made with meringues and a cream filling.  Linda's are a crisp treat -- a light crunch and an intense flavor, which is what we want in a household that doesn't do much cake.

I'd said that Linda's meringues had air pockets that kept them from reaching the heights of the Macaron Cafe, where I run every time that I take a train home from Penn Station.  But I keep stopping because you can't beat a dessert treat for a couple of dollars, and Linda's keeps on making them better.

My last purchase was strawberry macarons a few weeks ago. Four perfect. (Three of which made it home to split with the wife.) One had air pockets, but we're arguing about details here.  Macaron are the bailiwick of professional bakers.  Most of you aren't knocking off meringues in the kitchen today.  So stop if you're doing errands anywhere near Snowden River.  Get a box if you work nearby.  I promise that you'll make friends if you bring those home.  If you know what I mean . . .


CrunchDaddy said...

Linda's Bakery does lots of great things, so I'm looking forward to trying these. I've never been disappointed with anything I've bought there... and I usually buy a box of goodies to share at the office... and some of them even make it there!

Marcia said...

Meringue is SO hard to work with in the humidity. Clearly Linda's knows what they're doing!!!

Ni said...

Another thing I discovered about their macarons and meringue: they're gluten free. They're made with almond meal. They don't advertise that at all.

Steve said...

Have been impressed so far, especially with the macarons. One observation, when I was there on Mother's Day. And hopefully this has changed. Their packaging is run of the mill white boxes, the kind that you fold and put together.
I would have liked something that had a name, a foil sticker, and that I would not have to transfer to a prettier container for gift giving.