Sunday, July 15, 2012

Any Coffee Fanatics Try The Clover Machine At The Starbucks On Rte 40 In Ellicott City?

Have any of you coffee fanatics tried the new Clover machine that Starbucks is using to make special brews on Rte 40 in Ellicott City?

CrunchDaddy and I were talking today, and he mentioned that the Starbucks just west of Rte 40 has one of these new Clover systems that make individual cups through a super-precise process.  Folks have told CrunchDaddy that the machines can run $15,000, which explains why the coffees are a bit more expensive than your regular cup.

Neither of us has tried the Clover system.  Friends had told him that the coffee is exquisite, and you can pick from any variety, including ones that the store isn't brewing for the regular folks.

Has anyone tried this?  Is it worth a visit?  Click here for Starbucks' pitch.  If you go to the Starbucks on Rte 40, walk down the shopping center and check out the Cooks 'n Cakes bakery.  Coffee and a sweet sounds like a nice way to relax.


sandram said...

I'll have to go by there tomorrow to check this out. I wonder if it is anything like the Australian coffee machines. I spent a few weeks Down Under over the winter -- and included in the insanely beautiful scenery, flora and fauna, I found that Australia has the most incredible coffee. All the coffee (even fast food) comes from these single service machines, and it is heavenly. I came home and looked at buying one of the DeLonghi's we found at a B&B, and found it with a $3,000 price tag.

os said...

A Clover in EC?! For real? That's kind of a dinky Starbucks location to put such a swell machine in, but I'll have to go look for it...