Friday, June 28, 2013

We Almost Have Maryland's First Farm Brewery

Maryland's first farm-based brewery will open its tap room this afternoon -- and it's almost in Howard County.

Stillpoint Farm in Mount Airy is now operating the Milkhouse Brewery.  They're a little west of Woodbine and Mt. Airy.  It's officially Frederick County, but close enough count.  The tap room opens Friday afternoon and then will be open Saturday, according to the Facebook invitation.

I haven't seen much about the new brewery.  Anyone else know more?

(Update: Check out the comments below by Trip Klaus.  "First" seems like first to get approved, not first to serve beer.  But it's fun to congratulate all these folks.  Also note that "close enough to count" does mean 30 minutes past Woodbine.")

The Milkhouse Brewery would be a fun place to check out as part of a visit to Larriland Farm.  Thanks to @ADGCreative for the tip.  Stay tuned for more about beer-brewing -- but even closer to home.


Anonymous said...

That is about 30 minutes west of Woodbine, Linganore/Libertytown area of Frederick. Once you get on those side roads, it is a lot further driving time than it looks on the map.

Trip Klaus said...

While Milkhouse was granted the 1st farmhouse brewery license, Adam Frey at Frey's Brewery was actually the first to open. Frey's is located a couple of miles away from Milkhouse and is open on Friday's for Growler sales.

George B said...

Hmm, I'll be driving to/from Harpers Ferry tomorrow, I might have to stop in and see what I can find out firsthand.

George B said...

Well, maybe I won't be going there after all. Just had a look at the Stillpoint Farm website, and it looks like they only grow Cascade and Chinook hops. Yuck. Everything they brew's just going to taste like a pine tree soaked in lemon juice. Hope I don't dissuade anyone else from trying it out, but I've sworn off Cascade, can't stand it. It's a personal code I have to abide by.