Monday, June 3, 2013

Honey Pig Chicken Closes At Lotte

The fried chicken stand inside the new Lotte in Catonsville appears to have closed.

The Honey Pig Chicken stand was closed, and it had a sign that said "Chicken Store Closed" reports John Houser III, who has a legit writing job but offered a scouting report for HowChow.

It's sad whenever fried chicken closes, but don't despair.  Lotte still has a great stand for steamed buns, and you can still get great fried chicken.  Bon Chon does great chicken, especially if you like spicy, spicy, spicy food.   Tian Chinese Cuisine may be my favorite meal -- where you can get an order of chicken and an order of their black bean noodles.

Hat tip to Houser and Gorelickingood.


Anonymous said...

Kind of not surprised. It wasn't the worst chicken I had, but competing with Bon Chon and Mad For Chicken in Tian is tough. I went to the Honey Pig Chicken stand shortly after it opened, and it wasn't busy then. Also, they don't have tables like the Lotte in Ellicott City has. The Honey Pig stand had one table by the swinging doors for the stockroom, so it was kind of weird sitting down to eat there.

Anonymous said...

We had the chicken twice. Once it was cold and not crispy, we gave them another chance thinking it might have been opening kinks. Nope, second time was warm but not spicy at all.

dzoey said...

That's a shame, but I can't say I'm surprised. I was there for lunch one day, and it was just me, no one else around.

The spicy chicken bento they made was fantastic and huge. It wasn't too spicy, had good crispness and just a hint of sweetness. I'm a big eater, but even I had to save some for the next day.

It's just in an inconvenient location. I noticed that the store in general, while it had good items, just wasn't attracting many people.

kam said...

I wanted to check it out to satisfy curiosity, if nothing else, but man, that lasted what, three months?