Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Great Sage Smoothies: Great Smoothies, Great Big Price, Good Call When You Want Cool Lunch

Pineapple-ginger-kale smoothie
I'm hesitant to recommend a $7 smoothie, but Great Sage in Clarksville really does whip up something unusual.

Pineapple, kale and ginger make a delicious drink.  That's a professional drink.  I wouldn't have put them together, but the flavor is bright and exciting without being overly sweet.  And without tasting anything like kale.

Mrs. HowChow stumbled on the smoothies when she wanted a snack on a trip to the Roots Market next door.  We have had them a few times after an athletic Saturday morning.  They're delicious.  They're nutritious.  You could almost justify $7 if the smoothie was your lunch -- although then you need to insist that they actually fill the cup, which hasn't happened every time.

Great Sage has a whole menu of smoothies with all kinds of fruit and even spinach.  Pinapple and ginger has become my signature, but "Black Beauty" -- three kinds of berries and soy yogurt -- has other fans and may be my next try.

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