Monday, June 3, 2013

Frozen Lemonade At Kyky''s Hawaiian Ice

Frozen lemonade at Kyky's Hawaiian Ice
First find of the summer: A frozen treat even better than snowballs.

This felt like the first truly hot weekend, and some Sunday Swings with Shandra left us drained.  Thanks to AnnieRie's suggestion, we ended up at Kyky's Hawaiian Ice off Montgomery Road in Ellicott City.

Look just off menu for the sign about the frozen lemonade.  That's a snowball variation that actually beat out the two snowballs that we also ordered.  (Three cups of ice?  Well, Shandra makes you swing a lot in 90 minutes.)  Kyky's basically makes a lemonade to order -- a cup of ice, then a lemon-and-simple-syrup concentrate, then water.

It's delicious.  We drank a bit, scooped from lemony ice.  Sweet, but tastes like real lemon.  It's as refreshing as a snowball, and it beats those out because we can't really claim that our favorite technicolor flavors actually taste "real."

Kyky's also has the full range of snowballs indigenous to the Baltimore area.  They're good.  They're still not shave ice, which is more like snow than ice chips.  I love the Baltimore snowball and all the local stands.  But they're still not shave ice like we had in Hawaii.  I wrote about this last winter, and I still need to try Baltimore's Hula Honey and Randall's town Original Hawaiian Island Snowball that people recommended in the comments.

Kyky's Hawaiian Ice
a portable stand in front of T-Bonz Grille
4910 Waterloo Road
Ellicott City, MD 21043

NEAR:  Kyky's is a trailer snowball stand parked -- at least in the summer of 2013 -- on an access road in front of T-Bonz Grille at Montgomery Road and Waterloo Road (Rte 104) in Ellicott City.  It's convenient from Rte 100 or Rte 103.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the hours Ky Ky's operates? I've been trying to get a snowball fix so far this year and everytime I swing by there, they are closed!

Anonymous said...

I drive by there a few times a day and cannot see any set hours. They are generally open after noon and I have seen them open as late as 9 on weekends. They also tend to close during storms.

HowChow said...

I have had the same issues. The guy this weekend said they're open until 9, I think. But we went over Memorial Day weekend, and the place was shuttered.

Anonymous said...

I Just returned from walking up there with my kids from Brampton Hills, and received the WORST customer service I have received since I have lived in Howard County. A simple mix up of a 10 yo. Saying root beer & the man at the counter hearing blueberry, turned into the man yelling at the 10 yo, accusing him of lying & being confrontational. Out of shock, I didn't say anything but have decided that my family will NEVER go there again. I don't know if the man was in a bad mood or is always like this, but let's be realistic please. We are talking about a $2 snow cone. Why he couldn't just apologize and say that he made a mistake am not sure?

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