Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Howard CC Students Start A Food TV Show, Profile Shanty Grill And Chef Warner's Salmon

Some Howard County Community College students have started a new television show about local restaurants, and you can check out their first episode about Shanty Grille in Ellicott City.

The show runs on local cable on HCC-TV, and the link above goes to YouTube.  Check out the Columbia Patch for an announcement that has channels and times.  The show gives you a tour of the Shanty Grille, then executive chef Charles Warner cooks a pan-seared salmon dish with risottoat the college kitchen.

Anyone know more?  I love a television show about Howard County restaurants.  Feel free to add more details -- like the folks involved -- in the comments.  Thanks to jgamny for the tip.

(Update:  It isn't students.  See the comments below.  Apparently, HCCC has employees who created the shows.)


Anonymous said...

It's not captioned on YouTube, which is a shame because that makes it worthless to me. No captions means no communication for me. I hope it's captioned on TV but it's usually an afterthought.

Louis Garcia said...

I just wanted to let you know that the show is not produced by students; it’s the product of the professional staff here at HCC-TV, which produces several shows for the county cable channel as well as videos for the college. We thought it would be fun to feature some of the great restaurants that live here in Howard County.

Our next episode will feature the Aida Bistro Restaurant and Wine Bar in Columbia. That show should premiere in September.

If you have any questions about Table 2 Table feel free to contact me:
Louis Garcia
Producer, Table 2 Table

Anonymous said...

My husband says he saw a flyer announcing that shanty grill is closing 12/31 permanently. Anyone have more info?

HowChow said...

Anon -- Check out this post here: