Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plan For Monk's Rye Thursdays At St. Anthony's

Buy Trappist-baked bread at the St. Anthony's shrine
Marcia has been driving out to the St. Anthony's shrine near Clarksville to check for the bread baked by Trappist monks in New York.  She was hunting for rye, which they get delivered on Thursdays.  On other days, they have other varieties, but she sent the husband back two weeks ago:
As promised, pictures of the rye bread from the St. Francis shrine in Ellicott City, my husband stopped in [two weeks ago] since they told me they get rye on Thursdays. ($5/loaf)
As you can see, it looks like store-bought sandwich bread. I'd call it soft rye. It is quite good, with a nice rye flavor. I prefer the crunchy crust on Atwater's rye, but they both taste comparable.  Both taste good!! My mom prefers the bread from the shrine.  (Maybe that's good, no fighting!!)
Companions of St. Anthony
12290 Folly Quarter Road
Ellicott City, MD 

NEAR:  I think the address above is the shrine near Clarksville.  This is just west of Rte 108 and north of Rte 32.  Marcia says it is easy to find the shrine.  On Folly Quarter Rd., go to the back of the property where the chapel is.  The gift shop (where they sell the bread) is in the same building.


Annie said...

It is easy from Columbia to get there, if you live on the west side.

Take Harper's Choice to the light at 108 in Hobbits. Go straight on Homewood. At the circle, go straight. That is where it becomes Folly Quarter Rd.

The shrine is less than a mile past the circle, on the right.

Coming from Rt. 40, Folly Quarter Rd is right by the old Friendly Inn. You drive a few miles on Folly Quarter and pass the University of Maryland Farms on your right, just before the circle. Here, you take the right to stay on Folly Quarter to the shrine.

We drive past the shrine all the time to het to Columbia from West County. Have to go in and get bread one day.

Tamara said...

Thanks for sharing, what other breads do they offer?

Anonymous said...

Soft rye bread is very light on the seeds. The photo looks like a hard rye, having a lot of carroway seeds. I love rye bread! Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I've purchased the raisin cinnamon and the maple cinnamon varieties at the shrine gift shop. Delish! I do think that the shop sells all the varieties that the monks make and offer on their mail-order site: