Monday, April 30, 2012

You Want Local Food? HoCo Connect, Sarah and Soffritto Get The Freshest Mustard Greens

Mustard greens (photo from Sarah Says)
Great fun on the local blogs -- harvest your own greens and help save Howard County from invasive plants.

HoCo Connect posted last week about mustard greens and how the Columbia Association wants people to pull the plant wherever they see it.  That inspired Sarah Says to post the classic food blog item -- photos of mustard greens pulled from her own yard and then a recipe suggesting how to saute a little to accompany trout from Frank's Seafood in Jessup.  They're both behind The Soffritto blog where Victoria was pickling the greens last week!

I just got my vegetable seeds planted out Sunday.  I should have done lettuce and chard two months ago.  Somehow, I let things get away from me.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of local foraging, mulberries (they look like raspberries growing on trees) should be ripening in the next few weeks. They grow all over the county. Centennial park is full of them.

Sarah said...

Yes! There is one close to my house and every year I mean to drag a ladder out there. This year, I will!

Victoria said...

I grew up with a huge mulberry tree...much of my youth was spent in the tree & eating the berries! Will have to keep a look out for them here in HoCo.

Marcia said...

Just be careful that where you are harvesting hasn't been sprayed with pesticides, etc.

tacitus said...

Oh ... its the "garlic mustard greens," not just "mustard greens." Nice picture on that blog.