Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sausage Sandwich At Facci

Sausage sandwich from Faci
Just in time for spring, you need an excuse to get yourself a seat on the patio at Facci Ristorante.

My newest find is the sausage sandwich.   Crumbled sausage in a tangy sauce.  Nice roll that soaks a bit of the sauce, but holds it own.  House-made potato chips.  Delicious, basic ingredients make a kitchen stand out even when it is just dishing up a sandwich.

What else do you need for lunch?  Bring a friend and split the sandwich and a salad.  Mrs. HowChow likes the one with raspberry dressing.

Facci is on Johns Hopkins Road just west of Rte 29.  It's a shopping center with Kloby's, Tandoor Grill and other restaurants.  The post office says that is Laurel, but it isn't.  I have had a political position against the description.  Now I want to push Steve's brilliant suggestion:  Tribeco.  It's a triangle below Columbia.


Angie said...
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HowChow said...

Angie --

I love Laurel! I lead Howard County folks there all the time -- Gorman Farm in the close section and then the Laurel Meat Market, the restaurants on Main Street and U.S. 1, the great cluster of Indian grocery, Hispanic supermarket, Hispanic bakery, Jamaican restaurant, etc. at U.S. 1 and Rte 198.

I'm joking around about the way that the Applied Physics Lab apparently extended Laurel to their building years and years ago. (Presumably because it sounded closer or more findable to DC folks back when the area was less developed.) That shopping center is west of Rte 29. That's not really Laurel. ;-)

Thus -- TRIangle BElow COlumbia.