Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maryland Crab And The First Harvest Of 2011

We ate the first contributions from the vegetable garden Monday night -- lettuce in a salad to go with Maryland crab cakes.

The Maryland crab has arrived at Laurel Meat Market.  It is $16 a pound for lump or backfin, and I went simple with crab cakes assembled with just a minimum of egg, breadcrumbs, scallions and mayonnaise.

Crab is a fun luxury.  Cakes are easy enough for a weeknight, and you can easily make four meals from a single container.  I'm sure the Maryland crab is available at Frank's Seafood in Jessup as well.

The garden has tons of lettuce this year.  It actually has tons this week.  I went crazy right after the thaw and seeded with enthusiasm.  Instead of leaving space for multiple plantings, I quickly exhausted my small garden.  So it's all ready at the same time.

I actually went back to the Main Street market last night for my favorite ground chuck.  I'd love to learn some more-intricate grilling, but I warmed up for the season with 1/3 pound burgers, sliced potatoes and eggplant.

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AlPal3 said...

My favorite thing to pick up at the Laurel Meat Market is the country pork ribs. It's the only place I know of that doesn't split them into single ribs. I rub it with Jamaican Jerk Spices over night then I put it on the cold side of the grill for at least 40-45 minutes depending on the grill then at the end I brush it with Jamaican Jerk Sauce and put it back on the hot side. I also start it on the hot side to give it a little char. Delicious. Also love their hot half smokes.