Friday, May 6, 2011

Extend Your Cinco De Mayo In Elkridge

You can enjoy a day of Mexican food and music tomorrow at El Nayar in Elkridge.

The Mexican restaurant just off U.S. 1 plans a day of games for outdoor grilling, kids, music and "Comida Rifa."

(You might spend a while trying to translate "Comida Rifa" from El Nayar's sign.  Rich food?  Party food?  Neither your college Spanish nor Google would understand.  Only then would you would realize that it was two words -- food and raffles.  Whoops!)

I actually stopped at El Nayar last weekend.  We ordered tamales and a plate of tacos that we split with my parents.  I'm not a huge side dish fan at most Mexican restaurants.  Just order tacos because the beans and rice are often pedestrian.  El Nayar's tacos are delicious, especially served with chips and the homemade salsa.

The party is Saturday, May 7, but the sign didn't actually say when.  I think all day, but call to confirm.  Thanks to Thierry for the nudge.  I had the photo last weekend, but I had forgotten until he emailed.

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