Monday, March 12, 2012

Zeke's Coffee At The BP In Columbia Crossing

Zeke's Coffee is a Baltimore boutique roaster that my stereotype says you'll find in a Hampden shop selling cupcakes and sandals made from hemp.

But Twitter says that you can actually get a cup at the BP station near the Target in Columbia.

This morning, Good to Go Market tweeted about their new Zeke's set-up at the BP in Columbia Crossing.  This just north of the intersection of Rte 175 and Dobbin Road.  I admit to being surprised, so I thought the Good to Go folks -- who also run Sunocos in Ellicott City and Columbia -- deserved a little notice.

Is it just me, or do you feel like a company that makes an extra effort to buy niche coffee will also make an extra effort with your car?  I'd love to know any other gas stations with coffee that you think does something special.  Will anyone clean your windows and serve you Southern Skies?  My to-do list already includes the subs at the downtown Columbia Exxon.


AJ said...

Zeke's is really good stuff! Has been available in limited choice at MOM's for a while now.

MarkM said...

Unfortunately, the only car service available at the BP is a car wash.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try the coffee, but I second what MarkM said. I've been to that BP several times where the pumps are out of order. Once no signs were even posted or the handles covered, and the employees weren't exactly apologetic to those of us standing out there wondering why the gas isn't flowing.