Monday, March 12, 2012

Did Kuramo Restaurant Open In Columbia?

Does anyone know if Kuramo International opened in the Long Reach village center in Columbia?

There had been talk that the new restaurant would open on March 9.  I'm looking forward to trying a menu that promises breakfast, Peruvian chicken, Nigerian food and all kinds of flavors ranging from Latin America to Africa to the Caribbean.

I shopped at Family Market today, and Kuramo was locked in the middle of the afternoon.  Anyone have early reviews?  (Update: Publius comments below that Kuramo's Web site says they're closed on Mondays.)


Publius said...

I don't know if they did indeed officially open or not, but according to their website ( they are closed on Mondays, so that would explained why they were closed today.

stephan.uzzell said...

I went by there Tuesday - the door was open and there were people inside.

They told us they were not opening until Sunday - they had their grand opening on the 9th because it was already booked and scheduled, but they weren't quite ready to be fully open yet.

I'll be back there next Tuesday...