Thursday, March 8, 2012

Herring At Today's Catch

Herring at Today's Catch
I know herring is a limited market -- so limited that half my house doesn't care for the pickled fish.

But it's a great snack if you're in the mood and shopping in Today's Catch in Columbia.  The fish market often sells small containers for less than $2.  You get delicious fish in a sauce that may have wine and mustard.  Great on a bagel for breakfast.  Great on a crack for a snack.


Gabrielle said...

If you like pickled herring, try the different varieties that they sell at IKEA - the dill one is to die for!

Anonymous said...

For those of you with more sophisticated palates and enjoy pickled herring you'll know there's not much of quality in this area. The only relatively local place to get fairly decent pickled herring along with accompaniments is from the grocery section at Ikea. Give it a try. The herring in mustard sauce is especially nice. Delicious!

AnnieRie said...

Lancaster Central Market. Bismarck herring.

Being of German heritage, rollmops were a staple on the table for New Year's. Elsie's market kept me in rollmops, Wursts, bread and mustards from Germany.

Now we have to trek to the market to get my German fix. Dahlmeyer coffee, mustards, Underburg, weisswurst, and once a year a jar of rollmops. Although we haven't made the trek there for a while, we do get up there once or twice in the summer for the CSA sponsored picnics at the various farms in the Amish coop where our veggies are grown.


Anonymous said...

There's no need to head up to PA for your "German fix", the Old World Delicatessen in Randallstown sells German meats, breads, pastries, candies, etc.

Marriottsville Shopping Center
9828 Liberty Road
Randallstown, MD 21133

AnnieRie said...

If they sell Underberg, they will have a convert. I used to go to the deli on Rte. 108 in Montgomery County, but we stopped using 108 to go west.

As for trips to Lancaster, we have relatives up there, not as many as before, so Lancaster Hershey and Reading get visited for weddings, funerals etc. If someone has never been to the Central Market it is one of those destinations worth taking a trip, just to see the historic building.

Junior Barnes said...

Everyone at work thinks I'm strange because I like pickled herring and kumquats. Doesn't everyone like them? :)

Gabrielle said...

Old World Deli in Randallstown - which was mentioned by a previous poster - also sells pickled herring. It seems to be homemade - not from a jar - but I actually liked the IKEA one better. The Old World deli was too vinegary for my taste, whereas the IKEA one has a nice balance of sour and slight sweetness.

Stephanie T said...

"Great on a crack for a snack."