Sunday, March 11, 2012

City Smackdown: Get Howard County Restaurants In Zagat, Win $300 For Sharing Your Opinions

Zagat is a child of the big city.  It started rating New York City restaurants.  It started with the Zagats just polling their friends.

Now, they want you and your suburbs.

Zagat is collecting ratings for its next Washington-Baltimore book.  They want you to rate restaurants.  I want you to add Howard County spots to smack down a few of those city hot spots.  Review your local favorites.  They'll get into the next edition.

Zagat will pay $300 for your reviews.  Or at least for someone's reviews.  If you use the link to a Zagat site, you can sign onto Zagat and write reviews to enter a contest through March 25.  They'll pick their favorite reviewer based on points for each review.   The winner will get a $300 gift certificate as a prize.

Disclaimer:  I'm writing about the Zagat contest, but it's Zagat's contest.  You need to read their rules.  You need to go through their site.


zevonista said...

Of course, they announce the contest after I already submitted my reviews!

HowChow said...

@Zevonist -- So sorry. THink of less of "announcing" a contest and more of me and a very nice Google employee stumbling into each other and then slowly working out the issue over email.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to vote for Second Chance Saloon! Definitely the best restaurant in HoCo!