Friday, December 23, 2011

Tomorrow, Go Get A Fresh Waffle -- Sweet Or Savory -- At Thomas Waffles In Clarksville

Start your weekend with a real treat by grabbing a fresh waffle in the parking lot of Kendall Hardware.

That's where you'll find the Thomas Waffles truck -- profiled last month by Explore Howard -- offering fresh waffles and a few other dishes on Saturday mornings.  They run about $3.  That's an easy splurge to chow down on hot, handmade food for breakfast.

They sell two kinds of sweet waffles with variations on sugar, fruit toppings, Nutella, and maple syrup.  They also sell other items like pre-baked quiches and "waffle pops" where they dipped a waffle into chocolate.

Even with those choices, I went savory last weekend.  For $3, I got a small breakfast sandwich.  Two warm, slightly-sweet waffles holding in an egg and a few thin strips of bacon.

"Did they offer Lipitor with that?" joked Mrs. HowChow when I came home.

But she is wrong.  The thin bacon pieces were just a salty jolt to the sweet waffles.  This wasn't the grease-dripping "sausage in a sliced donut" sandwich that the Fractured Prune used to offer.  The waffles are warm and light.  This is a unique little item, made by folks with real talent.

Start your holiday weekend with a trip for a waffle.  Thomas had a sign saying they'd be open 8 am to noon on December 24.

Thomas Waffles -- open Saturdays
in the parking lot of Kendall Hardware
12260 Clarksville Pike (Rte 108)
Clarksville, MD 21029

NEAR:  This is on Rte 108 just north of Rte 32.  The Thomas Waffle truck sits in the parking lot of Kendall Hardware, which is a great store on its own.  Definitely worth walking in if you need home improvement items and someone with the experience to answer your questions thoroughly.  Plus, great for canning supplies.

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Steve Fine said...

I miss the the Fractured Prune. The Meadows is great, too. In a perfect world, we would have both, and they would not be fattening.

Anonymous said...

obsessed with thte nutella banana waffle. i dream about it

Beth said...

We found Thomas a few weeks ago in the parking lot in old towne Ellicott City on a Friday night and tried the chocolate dipped waffle pop. Neither of us is big on sweets, but this was hands down the best waffle I've ever had! And, one of the rare dessert/sweet foods I'd eat again. The waffle was so good we went out of our way to Clarksville the next day to pick one up for a friend to try. I'm not sure if they do EC every Friday or if that was a special occasion and they only take cash.

K8teebug said...

I went here after a run on Saturday and it was packed! Really awesome waffles. I got a plain sugary one and a bacon one. Next time, I'm getting the whole sandwich. The spinach egg quiche was really great too.

Anonymous said...

banana nutella on a liege waffles is awsome I also love the sandwich pepperberry chicken and asiago cheese .We will keep going and try more :)

Evan said...

The egg and bacon sandwich is delightful. The light waffles bring such a rounded flavor to the dish. Chef Thierry and his son are an awesome pair serving up delicious and affordable breakfast snacks! I drove all the way from Chevy Chase to try these because a friend from work suggested them so highly. Next time I think I'll try one of the chocolate dipped pops! Love it, a must have in this area.

Anonymous said...

Perfection. Don't miss it.

Anonymous said...

I was in Baltimore on Saturday afternoon on Eutaw Street. What a surprise! The Waffle Truck was parked on the curb of the Hippodrome Theater. I could not resist, and I went for a sweet Raspberry Liege waffle with whipped cream. It was by far the best waffle I have ever tasted. Go to the T and J Waffle Truck!