Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pasta Blitz Keep Changing - Welcome To The New Anthony's In Clarksville And Vittorio in Glenwood

The local Pasta Blitz chain always seemed like a group that shared a name, but not a coherent identity and apparently not a single set of owners.

The one on Johns Hopkins Road became Facci Ristorante.  This week, the Clarksville location has changed its name to Anthony's -- as shown in the photo that Dave sent me.  Now Gianni has left a comment raving about the Italian wines at Facci and saying that the hostess there said the Pasta Blitz in Glenwood will take on a new menu and name as Vittorio.

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Anonymous said...

This is because they originally all used to be owned by one person (Gino from facci) and he sold them all since faaci took off.