Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spectacular Roadside BBQ From Dave In Savage

Pulled pork sandwich and a piece of crackling
Grab a roll of paper towels and make plans for an early lunch on the side of the road.

Right outside the entrance to the Savage MARC station is a guy with a pull-behind barbecue serving up delicious meats at roadside prices.

I ate pulled pork Monday after being clued in by George Berkheimer of the The Business Monthly.  David Welch had platters of meat cooking, and he pulled the pork off the bone to build an enormous sandwich for me.  Then he left me to doctor it up with spicy sauce and his personal spice mixture.

This is moist, firm meat coming right off the heat.  It is a rich smokey flavor, but it's truly just pork.  You really want to add spice and sauces -- maybe sauce in the bottom of the container -- so that you can dip and alternate flavors.  My $6 sandwich was so large that I couldn't finish it off.  I ate until full, then shredded the leftovers into soup last night.

Terrible photo.  Sorry.
Dave runs a weekly rotation -- pulled pork Mondays, beef brisket Tuesdays, big pork chops Wednesdays, ribs Thursdays, and chicken Fridays.  Six bucks for each except the $9-19 ribs.  He also sells kielbasa, half smokes and sodas.  He worked originally in upscale hotel kitchens, then started a hot dog stand and moved onto the current deal where he works this lunch crowd and does catering through Dave's BBQ and Catering out of Laurel.

Dave was a generous host, searing a piece of skin into crackling.  He talked about his competitive barbecue wins, including a 2006 Maryland state championship.  The other customers talked up the brisket and a once-a-month special of jambalaya.  Dave starts selling at 9 am.  I assume he gets business from the truckers who start their days early between the wholesale markets in Jessup down through all the business parks along U.S. 1.  Some days, he is sold out before noon.

This is a perfect spot if you work somewhere near Fort Meade, and it's off-and-on Rte 32 so it's doable from anywhere in Columbia.  I'm going back as soon as I can figure out how to be home on a different weekday.  Expect posts on brisket, chops and ribs over time!  The catering -- which includes sides, utensils, etc. -- seems like a deal starting at $11/13-a-head if you pick it up and running to $21/23-a-head with all-you-can-eat spreads run by a catering crew.

The one flaw in my plan was that I didn't get a napkin from Dave.  I ate in a parking lot before my next errand, and I was glad to find a clean rag after chomping through juicy meat that had soaked through the light roll.  So get those paper towels and start driving.

Thanks again to George for mentioning Dave to me.  How did I go this long without someone sending me an email?  Roadside meats are right up the HowChow alley!  This looks like it's right up Strobist's as well.

Dave's BBQ and Catering
just outside the Savage MARC train station
Dorsey Run Road just south of Rte 32
Savage, MD

Near:  Dave parks on Dorsey Run Road just south of Rte 32.  From Columbia, you take Rte 32 over I-95 and U.S. 1.  Take the Dorsey Run Road exit, then turn right at the light.  From Fort Meade, you take that exit and turn left back over Rte 32.  Dave is the guy with the barbecue set up before you reach the MARC parking lots.  Park on the side of the road.

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Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Dave's BBQ and catering is really good. For the last two years he has catered a Picnic for our Homebrew Club and the food is always great...my father is also one of his regular road side customers for Half Smokes.

Brandi said...

Dave catered my mom's birthday party and everyone loved the food--especially the brisket!

JP said...

Dave has been a regular for me and a number of people from work. You can't go wrong going to Dave, as I have enjoyed any and all his specialties. We have had him cater our Christmas parties. My only concern is that he gets so popular that he is sold out before I get there after 11. - Keep up the good work Dave!!

Anonymous said...

The MD Health Department has shut Dave down, temporarily, as he needs a place to 'wash his hands'. Why they do stuff like this in the busiest part of the season is unreal. Dave takes perfect care of his meat and it is the best. I've traveled the world and Daves food is the best. he is clean and the food SAFE. Bad on MD for hurting his business!

kevlar51 said...

Today I ate the best pork chop I've ever had--thanks Dave. I'm a pretty big eater, and I saved half the chop (he slices it in half) and the bread for dinner. Can't beat it for $6!

kevlar51 said...

Due to MARC station construction, Dave had to move just around the corner onto Corridor road.

Rob said...

Just came from Dave's location at Corridor rd. YUMM! Today was Rib day (he had sausage and usually Chicken as well, but Thursday's special are the ribs). I brought them back to work - they were fantastic! I am not sure how he gets that texture, but they were great!

jade said...

They are smokey, succulent, sweet, and spicy all at the same time. Food Truck catering