Saturday, December 24, 2011

Boarman's: Report From The XMas Front Line

Boarman's Meat Market in Highland was jumping this morning with people picking up and ordering meat, fish and turkeys for the weekend.

The pick-up line for pre-orders was against the produce.  New orders snaked up a central aisle.  Boarman's had a crew working so that waits were reasonable, and people loaded up on steaks, hams, turkeys, and the house-made sausages.  Guy in front of me ordered three big steaks and picked up his Maple Lawn turkey.

They were sold out of flank steak, so I grabbed a pound of Maryland crab meat to use this weekend.  I need to cook because Mrs. HowChow is working the entire weekend so we can't return to the Red Pearl for a Christmas Day dim sum.

Then I had a last-second inspiration and asked for clams.  Boarman's has them in the back for 50 cents each.  Mrs. HowChow talked about thick clam chowder earlier this week, so I picked up onions and potatoes to work on that tonight.  Plus a sausage to flavor either the chowder or pasta.

Bonus item at the cash register: Boarman's stocks the breads and pies from the Lovebirds bakery that I had seen before at Roots and Gorman Farm.  Lovebirds apparently bakes in Howard County.


Marcia said...

Lovebirds is in Laurel according to their FB page.

Thanks for the reminder about Boarman's. I was at J.W. Treuth & Sons earlier this week, they were busy too.

Unknown said...

Yes...we do bake in Laurel, Howard County. We took our website down temporarily, but still maintain our facebook accounts. You can find all our contact info there...but just in case you can reach us at 240.515.6092!! Thanks again for the sweet comments!!

Dbiz said...

The best Part of boarmans is the sausage breakfast sandwich. And they Steve Orinoco coffee (Columbia roaster that also roasts for dean and deluca