Monday, November 8, 2010

Twitter and Snapper From Frank's Seafood

I'm getting new fangled news from Frank's Seafood -- even as I'm trying to learn some old-fashioned grilling techniques.

The Jessup fish market has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and started offering specials.  The retail outlet inside the wholesale fish market has more than 60 years experience, but they're on the new trend with their own Twitter feed -- which you can follow.

I stopped at Frank's Saturday and picked up a whole snapper.  Grilling whole fish remains one of my quests.  Everyone says it keeps the fish moist, and I have all kinds of cookbooks with suggestions to effortlessly lift fillets right off the bone.

The Laotian snapper tasted delicious.  Steven Raichlen's Planet Barbecue has lived up to my early review -- everything is delicious.  But I basically shredded the meat taking it off the fish.  (Mrs. HowChoe doesn't relish the tail, the skin or the eye socket on her plate.)  Served up with beets, chard from my garden, and a sliced baguette from Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery in Columbia.

Frank's still has crabs.  For $30, you got two dozen #1 males.  Frank's sold me delicious crabs in August, and they were saying that they're even better at this time of year.  They also had oysters.  Several varieties, including a small wild Maryland variety and some farmed, larger bivalves from Virginia and beyond.

Are there any other Howard County restaurants using Twitter regularly?  DiamondbackTvrn, NottinghamsMD, Touche TouchetGrilledCheeseCo, ChefKloby and VictoriaGPub come to mind.  Anyone else that you recommend?


MaybeKathy said...

MOMs Organic Market
El Hidalgo

jessiex said...

HowChow, I have a twitter list of hoco restaurants over on my @Hocoblogs account. I'd be *delighted* if you wanted to take this over, as it is more relevant to your world. I did it more as a model of what I hope other niche-focused people/bloggers/groups/biz will do in coming months and years.

The list is

Personally, I don't care for Frank's Twitter use. They are DM-ing me sales spam. I told them to chill on the DMs. Tweets, yes. DMs - bad twitter form. ;-P