Friday, November 26, 2010

You Gorged. Now Go Eat Vegetables

You gorged at Thanksgiving -- meat, wine, stuffing and dessert.  Now, go eat some vegetables, but don't compromise.

You can eat delicious food while balancing your diet and enjoying flavors far from the leftover turkey and cranberries in your fridge.  Get out of the house.  Three suggestions:

  • Soretti's Ethiopian Cuisine in Burtonsville.  Order the vegetable combo plate for lentils, greens, cabbage, carrots and other vegetable dishes.  I love the injera bread.  It's filling, and the vegetables will leave you full and refreshed.
  • Mango Grove in Columbia.  Get a dosa and maybe baigan bartha.  The dosas are large crepes filled with potato and other fare.  Try the Mysore masala dosa for a variation.  All the lentils and curries are good.  I crave the eggplant in the baigan bartha -- and always keep my eyes out for the jack fruit special.  (If you just want lentils and curries, you could hit up any of Howard County's high-quality Indian restaurants.)
  • The veggie sandwich at Sidamo Coffee & Tea in Fulton.  A thoughtful sandwich with avocado, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, lentils and pesto.  Enjoy a coffee or buy some beans to brew at home.  Sidamo should be on your list for breakfasts and lunch.
If these don't spark your interest, consider the cafe at David's Natural Market in Columbia or, of course, the vegan menu at Great Sage in Clarksville.

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Eric said...

I did it the easy way--started with veggies. No turkey (not even tofu) at our house.