Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sidamo Sandwiches: Hotter Than The Coffee

Sidamo Coffee & Tea has such good sandwiches that it needs a new menu.

Literally, a new menu.

The chalkboard with single-line descriptions doesn't do justice to the real sandwiches that the Fulton coffee shop offers at lunch.  They're so much more than just "chicken salad" or "veggie."

The veggie sandwich came with avocado, cuke, tomato, lettuce, cheese, lentils and a pesto.  So many vegetables that it was hard to keep them all in the sandwich.  Luckily, they give you a fork for the pasta salad.

The chicken salad came zested with onion and spicy mustard.  Good lettuce and tomato even in October and bread that rivaled Bon Fresco.  In fact, the entire sandwiches rivaled Bon Fresco, the same little details and flavors that come from a shop that wants to serve something unique.  The cuke comes lightly pickled.  The bread comes toasted.  The lentils are marinated and make a meaty contrast that I have never had before.

Which brings us back to the menu.  Sidamo has a sign outside advertising the sandwiches.  But it really needs a menu or just a bigger chalkboard where they can share the details of their creations.  They have probably 10 varieties and an equal number of salads, and I'll happily work my way through the grilled cheese, tuna, and cold cuts.  Sidamo is my destination for coffee, and it should be a destination for sandwiches -- not just a place for lunch if you happen to be in Maple Lawn.

Sidamo Coffee & Tea
8180 Maple Lawn Boulevard
Fulton, MD 20759

NEAR: Sidamo is in sight of Rte 216 in the Maple Lawn development.  You need to drive around the back of Looney's to park and walk into Sidamo.


Steve Fine said...

I agree. Sidamo has excellent coffee and sandwiches. It also has a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable surroundings. I had a ham, egg, and cheese on a croissant there recently, it was seasoned to perfection.


Amber Mc said...

Another big fan here! I dream about their tuna salad and the breakfast veggie (I prefer it on a chibatta instead of a croissant) is really amazing.

I agree that a new menu sign would be welcome

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate suggestions for a Sunday afternoon location for a group of 10+. The criteria would be a quiet environment so we can hear each other talk , separate checks and located in the Columbia area. I love Bon Fresco and promote their delicious sandwiches+ all the time, but there is a noisy drink? machine. Plus a group of 10+ relaxing would take up too much space. We enjoy Bangkok Garden located at Robert Oliver Place but looking for other possibilities. Sidamo would be super but a little too far. Thank you.