Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mystery Store: Mexican Spices To Japanese Noodles

Okay, the mystery was solved within a few comments yesterday.

But this store is really worth your visit . . . and a few lead up posts.

H Mart is my favorite place for food, but the mystery store has a broader reach -- an aisle for Mexican, an aisle for Indian, a half aisle for Jamaican/West African.  And then there are the Asian foods and the fish.

It's like five ethnic markets under one roof.  So comprehensive that there are separate spice sections with brands from India, Mexico and the United States.

The full celebration of Super Grand in Laurel later this week.


Sarah said...

My dad is in loooove with the Grandmart out in Gaithersburg-- I didn't know there was one in Laurel! I'll have to check it out.

Marcia said...

Where in Laurel is this? I only go to Laurel to hit Corridor liquors any more so am not familiar with this new (and very interesting) development !!

betsy said...

Oh how I LOVE the Grand.

loveyourwatch said...

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