Monday, October 11, 2010

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns At Asian Court

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
The steamed BBQ pork buns at Asian Court are the official dish of fall.

Summer salads are fading, but it isn't time yet to fire up the winter comfort foods like stews, lasagna and House of India's chicken kashmiri (white meat only please).  This is a season to start heading inside, but not overstuff ourselves.

That's why dim sum seemed like a perfect October brunch -- and why steamed BBQ pork buns continue to be a favorite.  Asian Court in Ellicott City sets the standard with buns the size of a lacrosse ball and squeezed three into a mental tin.

Pork buns are light.  The outside is dry, but still spongy.  That contrasts with the dallop of sweet shredded pork inside.  That steamed texture is absolutely unique, and it balances out a table where heavy dumplings and sticky rice are irresistable and where even the vegetables come cooked in a flavorful oil.

Asian Court has been the established spot for dim sum.  They have rolling carts on the weekends, and you can order any dim sum from the menu for a weekday lunch.  However, Red Pearl in Columbia started offering dim sum in August 2010 with a view of the lake.  Early reports are favorable, although I haven't been yet.   Click here for all the Red Pearl posts.


Unknown said...

Just did Dim Sum at The Red Pearl yesterday. We loved it! More choices than Asian Court and the food was very fresh. Loved the shrimp and snow pea dumplings. Best to go early. We were there at 11am. Service was excellent. Will definitely go there again!

dzoey said...

You should try Red Pearl's dim sum. It's quite good, and easily equal, perhaps better than Asian Court (and I like Asian Court's dim sum). My family was mixed, some liking Asian Court better (they have better baked pork buns), some liking Red Pearl better (they have better spare ribs). I think the selection at Red Pearl is slightly larger and they'll fry some things at the table for you.