Thursday, December 10, 2009

WPost To Review Bistro Blanc?

There is talk that the WPost's restaurant critic is writing about Bistro Blanc -- the restaurant on Rte 32 in Glenelg that serves the small-plate, seasonal-vegetable trend.

Trip Klaus mentioned the possible review in a comment last week. He says it might be a group review, not a profile of Bistro Blanc. But he says Tom Siemesta has had several telephone interviews, presumably with the restaurant owners.

I have had one terrific evening at Bistro Blanc, but so many other people bolster my good memories that I still think it is one of the best restaurants in Howard County. Any attention from the WPost has to be good -- except, of course, a real pan.

(Update: Bistro Blanc's owner mentioned in a comment that Baltimore Mag is reviewing them too.)

(Update2: Siemesta's review will be out this weekend in the WPost Magazine, but you can also read the Bistro Blanc review here.)

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