Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chick'n Pollo To Open Jan. 7 In Columbia

The Peruvian chicken place in Hickory Ridge Village Center should open on January 7 -- at least according to the guys walking out of Chick'n Pollo on Tuesday evening.

I reported by accident. I went past Chick'n Pollo in the hopes of grabbing dinner, but I arrived to find three guys locking up the doors. The restaurant looks just as ready to go as it did in mid-November. But the guys -- who looked like a manager/owner and a contractor -- said that they just got their final approval from the county.

They said they'll open on January 7. The menus suggest that they'll sell Peruvian chicken, along with Mexican food. They're on the back side of Hickory Ridge -- closer to the Luna Bella Pizzeria than the Giant.

Until Chick'n Pollo opens, you need to get your Peruvian chicken at Pollo Fuego in Jessup. Or check out the great fried chicken at Chick N' Friends in the Long Reach Village Center in Columbia.


Kim said...

My current issue with chicken places is that none of them seem to do it as well as Crisp & Juicy in Silver Spring. They have this hot sauce that I never see at the other rotisserie chicken places, and that makes the whole meal!

If anyone knows of North Laurel/Columbia chicken places that have excellent hot sauce, please let me know! I know the place on 198 in Maryland City does not.

Cal Ripkin said...

You should check out Sardi's Pollo A La Brasa in Laurel:

10433 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD 20705

They've got a spicy green sauce that's awesome!

HowChow said...

@Kim -- Pollo Fuego, the chicken place in Jessup is your best bet for a local option -- although I don't know if it can live up to the famous places in Silver Spring.

It's at Rte 175 and U.S. 1, so quite close to North Laurel and Columbia.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit of a drive, but Perchi's in Glen Burnie has excellent chicken and green hot sauce (and mild yellow sauce) and they don't charge for an extra container of sauce. Tho if you're really more concerned about the condiments, just find a really good hot sauce at a Latino grocer or make one to your liking. It's not that difficult. :) For me, it's all about the flavor of the chicken.

Anonymous said...

At this rate, I expect we'll have a legitimate pupusa restaurant in Howard County by 2020. :(