Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Biscuits At Victoria Gastropub

The photo is terrible, but the biscuits at Victoria Gastropub are one of the great food trinkets that you'll get around here.

House of India puts out papad as you peruse the menu. But that's the only competition that I remember for the square biscuits that I ate as I faked reading the options at Victoria.

Like I was going to order anything other than the best burger in Howard County. They put out a basket right after the water glasses. I had the time to split the biscuit in half and spread butter thinly across each piece in turn. Absolutely delicious, then a smile when Mrs. HowChow asked for a second basket.

(Update: I posted again about Columbia's Victoria Gastro Pub in 2010.)


Sarah said...

Totally agree. The bread there is delicious.

kam said...

The last time my husband and I went to Victoria, they did not give us any biscuits. It was sad. ;_;

At House of India, lately they've also taken to giving us a free mini plate of vegetable pakhora if the meal looks to be taking a while. Last time we went, we filled up on appetizer-y items, so we ended up having enough leftovers for two more meals. All good, though!

Wendi said...

I love the biscuits at Victoria's.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Houlihan's Tillamook Cheddar Burger is the best in town. Very flavorful and the aged cheese is outstanding. Give it a shot.

Pavlina said...

Now I feel cheated. We have eaten there at least 4 times and I have never seen single biscuit!!!

Unknown said...

They apparently don't serve the beer biscuts at lunch, so if you go for lunch like I did, you'll be disappointed. I love those things.

Adam from GrubGrade.com said...

Tonight was my last night back in MD for spring break, and I finally had a chance to go to Victoria for the first time. While I usually don't eat biscuits, I remembered your comments and gave them a shot. Let me just say that these biscuits have not only changed my opinions of biscuits, but will make me a frequent visitor of Victoria in the future! Amazing flavor all on there own, no butter or condiments needed!

As far as the menu itself goes, I went with the Cuban Panino, and found it to be very good. The black ham was thick and flavorful, while the bread was well grilled and the cheese melted to perfection. I thought the relish could have been a little more spicy and perhaps a little sweeter, while the pulled pork component didn't seem to add much. But the black forest ham lent enough sweetness to accentuate the salty and creamy cheese, which was really top of the line. One of the better paninis I've had in my lifetime.

As always, keep up the great work here! This website really is a great resource for diners!


BeerGuy said...

Re: the biscuits. I've only eaten in the bar area, and have never been served the biscuits.

So if people are wondering why they didn't get biscuits its probably because they ate at the bar instead of the restaurant.

That said, a couple years ago I asked one of the bartenders for some biscuits and he offered me 2 or 3 and they were delicious, I definitely get the hype.