Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Link: 100 Foodie Ideas For Baltimore

Grab today's Sun for Elizabeth Large's list of the 100 things that a Baltimore foodie must try.

You can also check out the list on the Web. Howard County makes the list, but not well. No. 57 (Image 44) is to check out the Super H or Lotte in Catonsville. No. 64 (Image 47) is to eat pit beef from anywhere without a door -- but the photo is Uncle Grube's in Elkridge. There must be some Howard County gems to replace a few stops on the Sun's tour of "Old World delis."

Definitely check out the Dining @ Large post where Large asked for people's ideas. Inspired by Large's original post, I took a shot in October at a Top 20 "Food Experiences" for Howard County. What else do you suggest?


BeerGuy said...

Drink hand crafted brews, made at the source brews in a historic building at Ellicott Mills, top of my head only them and Red Brick Station (in White Marsh) provide dining w/in-house brews.

Its not exactly high class foodie but the burritos at Frisco Grille are legit, worth being on the list, owner Adam told he he searched around forever to find the right tortilla to use and he landed on a winner.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect? It's The Sun. Not enough copy editors who know the area to give a care. It is really the Baltimore edition of the Chicago Tribune. Many of the editors with knowledge of the area were laid off in April.

Katie said...

There were only 71 listed on article page, anyway... I counted and I've done 20 of those things. And to think I call myself a Baltimorean!

Jake Spain said...

HowChow, completely unrelated. are you on twitter? would love to see these articles pop up in that feed whenever you post them.


BeerGuy said...

Yeh, seriously.

Signed, @MDbeerspotter


HowChow said...

@Jacob -- So sorry. I am not on Twitter. Isn't that limited to 140 characters?

BeerGuy said...

Finally ran down the Sun's list, I've done 11 of 100. Meh.

Anonymous said...

ITA about Twitter. You can just post links to the blog when something new is posted, with a title... or without. At any rate, this blog is fantastic - hope you keep it going.

Bernie said...

Thanks for sharing this. I will have to check it out.

Pizzablogger said...

Gosh, I've only done 36, although my shellfish allergy scratches me from being able to try a lot on that list.

Glad to see Lotte Plaza on Rt40 made the list. I like that place a lot. The exotic vegetables and selection of other interesting items is even larger at Seoul Plaza in Security Mall just off Route 70 and 695 interchange....just outside HoCo but worth a look.

The Brewers Art is one of my favorite places to get a beer, from their solid bottled selection of Belgian beers, and chill (downstairs) or eat a nice dinner in the upstairs space, but am I the only Baltimoron that thinks the beers made in-house by Brewer's Art are the most overhyped food & drink item in the entire city? Every time I have one of their own brews I am completely underwhelmed and desire an authentic Belgian Beer, or at least a Uni or Ommegang.

Glad to see Liquid Earth and Jack's Bistro made the list!

BTW,it could be argued the hipsters at Golden West and Rocket to Venus are a lot more in the clothing know than many, so maybe they are laughing at the rest of us, not the other way around :)