Monday, October 26, 2009

Sidamo To Open In Maple Lawn This Week

Sidamo Coffee in Maple Lawn should open in the middle of this week, according to the folks at the original Sidamo in Washington.

On Friday, I stopped by the original Sidamo on H Street NE to try the coffee that is coming to Fulton. The photo is the original Sidamo -- a cozy little place on a scruffy commercial block a few blocks east of Union Station.

The coffee was delicious. The chocolate chip cookie was pretty good. I bought another pound to brew at home, and I checked out the backyard where they serve a short menu of sandwiches. Sidamo clearly is doing something right. Even on H Street, they attrached a full house of people having a late lunch and tapping away on laptops. It would be terrific if they can create a similar atmosphere in Maple Lawn.

The new Sidamo has been under construction for several months just off Rte 216. The folks at the DC spot say that they're aiming to open in the middle of this week.


Anonymous said...

It opened today, Oct 28th.

betsy said...

saw a crowd inside when I drove by at 5pm. Yay!

UhOhBadDog said...

I had a wonderful Latte at the Maple Lawn Sidamo this morning. It truly tasted fresh, and not so commercially processed. I did not try any food on this trip, but the menu was inviting enough that I will be back. Decor is similar to the former occupant, but with Sidamo's own flavor.

I had a very pleasant conversation with the proprietor, who proudly shared about the Sidamo history on Capitol Hill, the roasting process, even the custom sign that will come in 6 months or so. I also learned that while they are roasting at the Capitol Hill store for this location currently, they intend to roast on site in the future.

Give it a try!

RDAdoc said...

Every time I go into Sidamo in Maple Lawn the owners couldn't be nicer! This am he cut a hole in the lid of the orange juice and put a straw in it for my son. I really hope this coffee shop is successful because they deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved my experience at Sidamos the first time I went. I had a coffee that was chia something. Not the chai tea latte but very close. A friend of mine who is Ethopian recommended it as an ethnic drink and it was wonderful. And the tuna sandwich was so fresh and full of flavors. Definitely my new favorite coffee shop.

Biggest problem.... the hours.

They close at 5pm on the weekends and 6pm during the week. That's so early! People are barely home from work by then. Is there any coffee shop in Columbia that stays open in the evening for evening relaxing, a quiet atmosphere for reading or chatting with friends after dinner BESIDES STARBUCKS??? Oy! And Starbucks is never quiet, ever. Just wondering if you have any recommendations on coffee shops that are open later....