Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Peruvian Chicken -- "Chick'N Pollo" Coming To Hickory Ridge in Columbia

More Peruvian chicken is coming to Howard County -- this time Chick'N Pollo to the Hickory Ridge village center in Columbia, according to an email from Colleen.

Colleen said she stopped by yesterday and peered into the Chick'N Pollo restaurant on the back side near the Dominos. The sign says that they'll carry Peruvian chicken and Mexican food. She says it looks like it could open any time (although I remember waiting months for Fatburger!).

Pollo Fuego opened the first Peruvian chicken restaurant in Howard County last spring in Jessup. It was just December when BillZ was hoping for a roasted chicken joint and we all had to drive to Mega Chicken in Laurel for chicken, yucca fries and the spicy sauces, as pictured above. Chick'N Pollo could make the top Howard County takeout list if the food turns out good. (BillZ got Peruvian chicken and a Five Guys from his post about "things he would like to see in Howard County." This December, I want him to wish for a Lebanese Taverna and maybe a banh mi sandwich shop.)

If you want more information, there is a Web site with the right address in the 6400 block of Freetown Road and the name "de Chick'n Pollo," as Colleen pointed out. For now, it looks like a dummy site because there are blank menus, photos of white tablecloths and china that can't be Hickory Ridge along with critical reviews commending the place that hasn't opened it. But I assume they'll add more information soon.

Thanks for the tip!

Hickory Ridge is off Cedar Lane just north of Rte 32, and it has some nice food options. People talk up the gyros at the Hickory Ridge Grill, and there is a new Japanese steakhouse called Maruha. Then in the back, there is Luna Bella for Italian and pizza and Narita Sushi for basic Japanese.


jones said...

Lebanese Taverna would be great! It's one of our favorite places. Seems like it could do quite well in Howard county.

Hungry Bob said...

I agree with Jeremy. I'm tired of driving to A.A. or Mont. Co. for Lebanese. Better yet, how about a "Bacchus North" in Ho Co?