Tuesday, October 6, 2009

At The Harris Teeter Grand Opening

It's shocking to see the crowds that will show up for cheese cubes and free shrimp.

The Harris Teeter in Maple Lawn opened today, and the parking lot was so packed in the early evening that we left the car on the service road and walked through construction.

Frankly, it looks like the Harris Teeter in Kings Contrivance. I don't know why I expected something different in Fulton. No Starbucks in the front, but otherwise, it looked the same to me. The store was chaotic because people were alternatively strolling, shopping, and standing in line. One woman leapt in front of us to grab free chocolates at the entrance. Fun to see my neighbors' baby, but I'll be happier to go back when it's quiet and I can really browse.

What happens now to the Bloom?


emkenton said...

I totally thought it would be a different layout, too! I figured since the Kings Contrivance one had to be built upon the location of the old Safeway and the Maple Lawn one appeared to be in the middle of a giant piece of land, it would be larger and different.

I was happy to get a free shopping bag and a bottle of water, but I learned my lesson. Even with my love of Wegmans, I will NOT be in the crowd that gets let in when it first opens. It's just too crazy!

Hungry Bob said...

Yeah, it's basically a clone of the KC store. When does Wegman's open?

betsy said...

Drove by tonight and the parking lot was PACKED at 5pm.