Thursday, October 22, 2009

Link: Bon Fresco on Kevin & Ann Eat

I'm joining with Kevin on the Kevin & Ann Eat Anything blog to start a campaign to get more people into Bon Fresco, the new sandwich place and bakery off Snowden River in Columbia.

Great food. Never enough people eating there. That is why Kevin & I think you should go for a sandwich at Bon Fresco. (And definitely read Kevin's musing on the Mrs. HowChow favorite -- and his plan for conveyor-belt sushi in the closed Dunkin Donuts.)

Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery
6945 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21045

NEAR: Bon Fresco is in the shopping center on Oakland Mills Road at Snowden River Parkway. The center with Race Pace bike shop and a Ledo Pizza overlooks Snowden, but you need to turn onto Oakland Mills at the intersection and turn right into the shopping center. Bon Fresco is in the out-building just to the right of the entrance.


jim said...

My wife and I are huge fans of Bon Fresco, the sirloin steak sandwich is awesome especially when the bread has been toasted. The owners are really really nice too.

John said...

My wife picked up sandwiches at Bon Fresco last night. They were great! I asked her to get the sirloin steak sandwich Jim spoke about in his comment, but it was not available. Not to worry, though, as the owner (Gerald) made me a steak sandwich with london broil. The meat combined with the quality bread and "toppings" made it the best deli sandwich I've had in Columbia. I'll be back there soon!

vsslast said...

My husband and I picked up sandwiches from Bon Fresco on Thanksgiving eve, and the owner (who--as always--asked us for our opinions and threw in a free sample of something) told us he would begin serving breakfast on/around Monday, December 7. The menu will include sandwiches made with his delicious bread. He asked us what we think makes a good breakfast, so I'm sure he's open for suggestions.