Friday, February 27, 2009

Take Five Minutes; Help Your Favorite Restaurant

Spend five minutes and help your favorite local restaurant.

Jessie X runs a Web site called HocoLoco Girl, which is basically a list of Howard County restaurants with space for people to comment on them.  Jessie is a big fan of local businesses.  She has an eloquent explanation based on her view of Second Chance Saloon, and she just started a plan asking people to help her describe local restaurants.  Just think of your favorite restaurant.  Check it out on HocoLoco Girl.  If it isn't listed, email Jessie so she can add it.  If it is listed, write a nice comment and tell people why you go there.

I swear this works.  People find HocoLoco through search engines, and I know that people discovered HowChow through the links that I put there.  People will visit restaurants if they hear good things, and you can help your favorite place by describing a few details -- a favorite dish, a great night you had there -- and enticing folks to try.

Five minutes.  Be as creative as you want, or just find your favorite place and write, "I really enjoy this place for REASON.  My favorite dishes are DISHES.  If you like DISH, then you'll love this place."  Have fun.  Help the locals.  (And if you have five minutes more, go add a comment about your favorite place here on HowChow!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, HowChow, for engaging your readership in this small, but -- I believe -- important function of identifying local restaurants they like, and why.

I have a recent blog post regarding Second Chance Saloon and my perspective on the escalating importance of consciously choosing which businesses people are going to support with their dollars and social capital. Your readers can find it by clicking on my name here.