Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Link: A Local Cheese Blog

Welcome to a new HoCo blog about cheese. Kate has been posting on Ready, Set, Kate about her resolution to try new cheese every week.

I posted a bit about shopping for cheese in Howard County, but Kate describes and photographs her cheese and even has a spreadsheet linked where she tells you where she shopped. (Hint: so far, Harris Teeter.)


Kate said...

Hey HowChow! Cheesekate here. Thanks for the shout-out. I know my trips to Harris Teeter aren't that fascinating, but I'm new in town and it's easy to find. I saw your post about cheese buying in HoCo-- a great resource, thanks!
Have a nice day, I love finding out about new places on your blog.


HowChow said...

Your trips to Harris Teeter are perfectly interesting. Your posts are fun. I am happy to keep linking. Email me if you find/post something that you really like.

*Nothing* is easy to find in Howard County. I hope that HowChow helps. Definitely check out Roots and My Organic Market for cheese. My wife is huge fan of fun cheese so we go to the Whole Foods in Silver Spring or downtown Baltimore and even the Wegmans if we happen to be close.