Monday, February 2, 2009

Help Me: American and Mexican Restaurants

Where are the best American and Mexican restaurants in Howard County? I'm posting about "What I've Learned" to collect a guide to the best of Howard County food

I'm asking for help, and I'll incorporate comments in the upcoming posts (or update them if the post already happened):
  • Where are the best American restaurants?  That is a vague term, but I mean places that serve a wide variety of burgers, steaks, chicken, salads.  There must be 100 places with Grille or Pub in the name, hotel restaurants, .  Victoria Gastropub fits this bill.  Same with the Second Chance Saloon  or T-Bonz.  Where do you go?  What are the best things in the house?
  • Where do you go for Mexican?  What is the best dish at La Palapa?  Who has the best margaritas?  Have you tried the places in Laurel?  Does anyone serve Mexican -- as opposed to Tex-Mex -- cuisine?  I relish everything from the taco trucks on U.S. 1 to a quiet dinner at El Azteca, so I'd love your advice.


BeerGuy said...

American ... how about those twin diners on 40?

Victoria obviously.

I'll go to Pizzeria Uno occasionally, they've got nice happy hour prices on their appetizers.

Can't beat all the TVs and high ceilings at Champps Americana in Columbia.

Clyde's of Columbia always gets raves, great location on the lake there too.

Diamondback Tavern might end up being a nice Maryland twist on "American" food.

Mexican ...

Haven't tried much other than Frisco Grille which is sort of broadly "Southwestern"/Mexican.

Pachanga on 40 might be interesting. Or it might not.

Anonymous said...

Redwood enchiladas at Mi Casa are a favorite. I've heard people say that this isn't genuine Mexican food (too much cheese? or something) but if it's good, who cares?

Diamondback Tavern has potential, but right now, it's trying to be too upscale, and the salads especially leave a whole lot to be desired. Not only that, they stopped serving cake from Sugarbakers! The server said something about having to throw out too much old cake.

BeerGuy said...

Oh yeh, Mi Casa, forgot about them!

They're good, probably right up HowChow's wheelhouse, sort of a nondescript place, slightly unusual menu, good food.

k said...

Another vote for Mi little restaurant off rt 40. The owners are really friendly and the food is great!

Anonymous said...

Here is a vote for El Azteca in Clarksville.

amy said...

La Fiesta is our favorite. The crab burrito is huge and packed full of jumbo lump crab meat then smothered in a sour cream white wine sauce. Mmmmmm, I think I'm going there for lunch now!

Young at Heart said...

Don't know how authentic they are, but love the vegetable burritos at Mi Casa.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried or heard anything about the Tex Mex place on 198 in between Cuba de Ayer and Seibels? I think it's called Chalapa? It looks like it might be tasty, but I've had so many bad Mexican experiences in MD that I'm almost afraid to try!

HowChow said...

I haven't tried Chalapa, although it is on my list. The coffee shop on that strip has converted to a full-fledged (although small-menu) Ethiopian restaurant. That makes that row extremely interesting with Cuba de Ayer, Maiwand Kabob, ice cream at Seibels and Ethiopian. The Mexican would be a plus.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Chalapa when we ventured south to try Cuba de Ayer, which I have to say was PHENOMENAL!! I ordered the Lechon Asado, and I am so smitten that I'm now on a mission to cook it at home. I just need to locate some Dried chile molido and some scotch bonnet peppers. Anyhow, if you don't have any negative feedback on it, I'll definitely have to try Chalapa. On the Saturday night that we walked past, they had live Marachis, and since they also advertise as "tex-mex" it seems promising!