Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kloby's Smokehouse Is Open in Laurel

The Kloby's Smokehouse at Johns Hopkins Road and Rte 29 is open and happy to sell you barbeque.

I only mention this because the original Kloby's in Windsor Mill has closed. I called the Laurel outpost, and they confirmed that the original closed and that the business has shifted down to the Howard County location. Kloby's has great BBQ. It's a casual place. Easy access from Rte 29. Great for takeout.

For more about barbeque in Howard County, check out the "What I Learned" post about kabobs and BBQ. Tip of the menu to Urbanspoon where I learned about Kloby's closing.


Lindsey said...

Just wanted to share that I stopped by Kloby's for lunch on Friday thanks to your entry. My husband and I both ordered the pulled pork sandwich and we shared a large order of fries (which even puts Five Guy's large order of fries to shame!) and the food was great.

We're both big BBQ fans and were impressed with how tender the pork was. It's carolina style with a definite vinegar base, but they did add seasoning to the sauce/meat. Very good, and thanks for the heads up on this restaurant.

HowChow said...

Glad that you liked Kloby's. Now I need to try the fries. Normally, I carry out, so I just get sandwiches, but any fries that compare to Five Guy's must be good!

John G. Boyle said...


Went there on Friday night and LOVED it. The food was great, but more than anything - I really loved the vibe. It had a real "family run" atmosphere. Not something I'm accustomed to in HoCo, but very welcoming.