Friday, December 12, 2008

Second Chance and Diamondback Open

The Second Chance Saloon in Columbia and the Diamondback Tavern in Ellicott City have both opened. These are the former homes of the Last Chance Saloon and the Tiber River Tavern, respectively.

Check out Tales of Two Cities, Live in Howard County and the Baltimore Beer Guy I, Baltimore Beer Guy II for updates on the openings.

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Mister John said...

feedback for Second Chance...

Bear in mind this is coming from a Last Chance veteran; one whom haunted the ol pub on a weekly basis for nearly ten years straight. First-name basis with the staff. One of two guys to nail every beer at the final beer tasting. The other guy was my pal sitting across from me every week too. That kinda patron... and yeah, I'm missing the "You must be this smart" measuring line painted on the old front door... ;)

There were a few items on the menu that really 'made' Last Chance. The extensive beer selection was one and it may grow to it's former all-Maryland glory if the new proprietors choose. The chicken wings and the burgers were two others and I am delighted to say they're back.

Nice meaty wings come well cooked without any fluffy breading or rubbery underdone skin like some places. Buffalo style are nice and warm on the edges of your lips while the Stupid Hot wings reminded me a great deal of Gator Hammock; a Florida hotsauce those in the know may have tried. Twists on the old favs include teriyaki and Old Bay.

And then your burger arrives, and I dare say it's one of the best I've had... in the state. Plainly fresh and a little less done than you may have ordered (you can't uncook it!) the fresh lettuce and tomato are the perfect compliments. You can option up yours with bleu cheese or mushrooms, Chilli, bacon, etc, but for a simple hot sandwich, Second Chance's kitchen starts with an excellent foundation. And the usual fries on the side are crisp without the need for a lot of salt to cover up grease that's just not there.

One thing that is missing though is my old standby; Shephard's Pie. I miss it dearly and have occasionally tried to make one at home. While I won't hold my breath, I'd really be pleased to see a good 'Pie find its way back to my table at Second Chance. I'll be the goofy guy with the other goofs enjoying wings and a burger on Tuesday nights.

Last Chance is dead! Long live Second Chance!