Tuesday, December 30, 2008

King's Contrivance Makes A "Top 10 Dishes of 2008" List

I really need to try King's Contrivance.  Elizabeth Large posted her Top 10 dishes of the year, and she raves about the Columbia restaurant's seafood bouillabaisse "Thai style."  The photo is beautiful.

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Unknown said...

My girlfriend took me to eat here for my birthday in 2008. We live in the area of the same name and were encourage by the Zagat review. The actual establishment is very interesting, but the fascination ended as soon as we took our seats. The food was mediocre at best, and the service was lacking. Maybe I didn't look wealthy enough to be warranted real attention, but I was very disappointed. Its been almost a year so I can't remember what I actually ordered, some seafood and crepe dish. I was so upset by the entire experience I thought about complaining to Zagat. I have not followed through with that email yet, but I have strongly recommended against this place since then. There are much better options in Howard County that I know I never have to visit here again.