Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hello Photographers!

Thanks to the spectacular Strobist blog for linking to HowChow.  Strobist draws photographers from around the world, and more people click on the links at Strobist in a day than visit HowChow most weeks.

As noted on Strobist, the photography here is subpar even though my time at a newspaper taught me years ago that arresting photos improved every article.  In my defense, I shot most of this site with a cellphone while trying not to draw attention to the fact that I was photographing, say, the salad bar at Roots.  Sometimes I carry my wife's Nikon, but I panicked the customers at one of the U.S. 1 taco trucks when I pulled into the parking lot and started shooting from my car window.

And I still like my photo of the crabs.


Unknown said...

Got your link from Strobist blog too...

your blog is fun, and I like the pictures :) very straight forward, and

Clayton Koonce said...

I get Strobist's point about dressing up your blog with magazine-quality photos, but I think your photos look fine for your purposes. It's more about the text, maybe. I was just reading your latest posts and noticed how your good food writing was making me hungry!